Time Bandits

Little People with Large Talent: Cinema’s Under-Appreciated Performers

Little people, sometimes known as dwarfs and once derogatively referred to as ‘midgets’, did not always get a fair deal from the cinema industry. Generally portrayed as figures of fun, or cast as clowns, and sometimes relegated to sitting inside small machines to play robots, or strange alien creatures, their lot was not a happy…

By Pete Johnson

The Act of Killing: A tragic demonstration of the banality of evil

Historically, the human race has always depended on a reductionist approach to morality – one that helps us to clearly delineate the difference between good and evil. From the Cold War to the Crusades, societies have elected to believe that their enemies represent an absolute evil – an idea often strategically encouraged by the powers…

By James Curnow

Cinematic Verisimilitude: Twenty great movie moments

For the cinephile, there will inevitably be moments of cinematic verisimilitude with which one will become obsessed. There will be moments when a particular filmmaker touches the cinephile in such a way that the emotive force of the experience will be beyond replication. The cinephile will certainly seek to replicate such a moment, frequently using…

By James Curnow