The Best of the Rest: The Forgotten Writers, Directors & Performers of 2016

The unloved. The strays. The mutts. There’s value here, but you have to look a little harder. As we all remember John Winger saying, no one is “more faithful, more loyal, more loveable than the mutt.” All right, that’s a very strange (and perhaps a little insulting) way into my annual nominations for the writers,…

By Jonathan Eig
The Clan

Reviewing The Clan: Two Sunny Afternoons, One Chaotic Mess

I’m sure if I thought about it for a little while I could come up with plenty of examples of movies which used a non-original pop song, in its entirety, as a piece of its soundtrack. It’s not terribly common because most directors would rather edit to their own rhythms and not that of an…

By Jonathan Eig