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Puppet the Critic Show: John Wick 2

After I saw the poster for the second John Wick film, which seemed to have a hint of the horror film The Witch in its text and tone, I became intrigued, believing that John Wick 2 was going to use horror elements, extending the myth of Baba Yaga, and what happens to the boogey man…

By Puppet
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The World’s Most Educated Movie Stars

It’s a complete myth that some of the world’s biggest celebrities aren’t blessed with intelligence. Many believe that the stars we see on the big screens or in magazines are only famous for being incredibly beautiful or for dating another famous person or just because they were pretty good in one particular film or television…

By Chris White
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20 Great Action Movie Heroes: Defending the Indefensible (Part Two)

Well here it is, part two of my list of the greatest actors and actresses ever to lend their talents to the action movie genre, following on from the list I wrote two weeks ago. Once again, I’ve attempted to provide an interesting and diverse cross-section of individuals. There are a range of actresses and…

By James Curnow
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20 Great Action Heroes: Defending the indefensible (Part One)

I have a problem: an inescapable attraction to a breed of cinema that would seem to run counter to my self-proclaimed status as a cinephile. The beginnings of this problem are easy enough to trace – liberal parents with a penchant for Friday night TV screenings of American movies loaded with endless depictions of entertaining…

By James Curnow