Going in Style

Zach Braff’s lazy remake of ‘Going in Style’

This will be the second consecutive piece I have written for Curnblog which begins by referencing an earlier piece I have written for Curnblog. That may well indicate that I have written too many things for Curnblog, or perhaps that I have just run out of ideas. But if I have run out of ideas,…

By Jonathan Eig
Ghostbusters reboot

The Reboot Fallacy: Why Every Film is a Remake

We forget, within a modern societal structure, that the propagation of culture is often achieved through re-enactment or retelling. When oral tradition was the dominant social form, prior to the written word, the most famous, most important and the most socially relevant stories or mythologies were the ones being retold at festivals, around campfires and…

By Margeaux Hendricks
remake Don Giovanni

Opera vs. Cinema: It’s not a Remake, it’s Reimagined

It was Milos Forman’s Amadeus (1984) that introduced me to classical music. The film is like an appetiser, offering its audience a small taste of Mozart’s operas – a sliver of music and costumed spectacle that leaves you hungry for more. The last third of Foreman’s film is deeply intertwined with the opera “Don Giovanni”…

By Dawn Oshiro