Nights of Cabiria

Don’t Look Back: Five Classic Wall-Breaking Endings

It’s not uncommon for characters to break the fourth wall in film. It’s usually implemented as a narrative technique and used throughout a work, most famously in Annie Hall (1977), Funny Games (1999), Netflix’s House of Cards (2013) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). These common uses seek to involve the audience more closely with…

By Jaymes Durante

Cinematic Verisimilitude: Twenty great movie moments

For the cinephile, there will inevitably be moments of cinematic verisimilitude with which one will become obsessed. There will be moments when a particular filmmaker touches the cinephile in such a way that the emotive force of the experience will be beyond replication. The cinephile will certainly seek to replicate such a moment, frequently using…

By James Curnow