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Musicians In Film: 10 Great Musical Talents We Lost In 2016

I hesitate to draw conclusions before all the facts are in, but let’s face it. 2016 has sucked. And not just in the land of cinema, where precious few gems have risen above the extraordinary wave of mediocrity we have witnessed. As the world at large retreats from communality, decency and fact, we need artists…

By Jonathan Eig
London Road

Down on the Street: London Road and the Music of Fear

It can’t be the easiest way to write. Go out, find people who’ve been through something bad, interview them and then spend months working the material into a script. In the case of London Road, it may have been worth it, as first a hit stage musical and then a movie came out of it.…

By Ed Rowe
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Opera Onscreen: How to Resurrect a Dying Genre

Given the fact that Placido Domingo instinctively ruffled his fingers through my hair 30 years ago as I—then a member of the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus—marched by him on stage during a production of Carmen, I can’t help but admit a personal bias toward the legendary singer … which includes admiration for his efforts in…

By Simon Hardy Butler
The Jolson Story

A Lesson in Film Structure: The Jolson Story & Humoresque

This is a story about film structure. At various times, I have tried to lecture on the subject of structure in screenwriting, and I usually am forced to admit that we teach structure, in part, because it is something that can be taught. There’s some sort of indefinable spark of creation in any work of…

By Jonathan Eig
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Raising the Barn: 7 Great Musical Moments

Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly tower over the American musical film. America barely produces musicals anymore – India now dominates that market – but the classic American product, from MGM or Fox, from Lerner and Loewe and Porter, is still what most people think of when they think of the musical. Maybe more than any…

By Jonathan Eig