Act of Kindness

Interview: Costa Botes’ Act of Kindness

Costa Botes and Sven Pannell’s new film, Act of Kindness, which will have its Australian premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival next week, exudes a kind of undeniable and attractive authenticity – it’s a simple tale, told well. The film is comprised of footage that Pannell shot while searching for the man who saved…

By James Curnow
fantasy cinema The Hobbit

There And Back Again: Fantasy Cinema and Literary Legacy

Fantasy cinema, taking the themes and ideas of fantasy literature and putting them up on the big screen, is an increasingly powerful force in cinema. Like superhero films, this genre has been driven by recent successful adaptations, starting with The Fellowship of the Ring (2001). And just as J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the…

By Andrew Knighton
A Clockwork Orange screen

A bit of background: Why the screen should be the star

Whenever I see a screen used properly in a movie, I want to jump up and down while doing the Macarena. OK, maybe that verges on the impossible. But it speaks to my love of this lowly, oft-used tool – which usually takes the form of a flat surface on which images are projected behind…

By Simon Hardy Butler