T2 Trainspotting

From Beauty and the Beast to Trainspotting 2: Is 2017 any good?

I’ve written before on CURNBLOG about why movies released at the beginning of the calendar year are generally wretched. I’d include a link here, but you all can get off your asses (figuratively; actually you only have to type a few words into a Google search) and find it for yourselves. Sorry, I’m just in…

By Jonathan Eig
Aguirre the wrath of god

Five films that reveal the darkness of an empty life

We are in the cold dark days. We are in February. Look, I know if you want to get all sciency on me that here in North America, December is technically darker. And January is technically colder. But screw all that. February is the worst. Why else did they have to make it the shortest…

By Jonathan Eig