Paul Morrissey Blood for Dracula

Paul Morrissey: Flesh, Trash, Heat and the Undead

“Don’t say “Warhol films” when you talk about my films! Are you so stupid, you talk to people like that? I have to live through this for fifty years. Everything I did, it’s Warhol this, or he did them with me. Forget it. He was incompetent, anorexic, illiterate, autistic, Asperger’s — he never did a thing in…

By James Curnow
action movies

20 Great Action Movie Heroes: Defending the Indefensible (Part Two)

Well here it is, part two of my list of the greatest actors and actresses ever to lend their talents to the action movie genre, following on from the list I wrote two weeks ago. Once again, I’ve attempted to provide an interesting and diverse cross-section of individuals. There are a range of actresses and…

By James Curnow
game of death action film

20 Great Action Heroes: Defending the indefensible (Part One)

I have a problem: an inescapable attraction to a breed of cinema that would seem to run counter to my self-proclaimed status as a cinephile. The beginnings of this problem are easy enough to trace – liberal parents with a penchant for Friday night TV screenings of American movies loaded with endless depictions of entertaining…

By James Curnow
The Proposition - Australian movie quotes

Words from Oz: 65 classic Australian movie quotes

Why compile a list of quotes from classic Australian movies? I’m not entirely sure. Nor am I sure that my definition of “classic” will sit well with all aficionados of Australian film – my taste for the ironic appreciation of Ozploitation cinema is not shared by all. However, having compiled this list, I will take…

By James Curnow

Remembering Robocop: The smouldering dystopian wreck of 80s avarice

There has never been, so far as I can recall, a period in my life during which I have not been obsessed by the cinematic form in some way or other. And while my tastes have continued to evolve or change over time, there have been a handful of films that have travelled with me…

By James Curnow
Darth Vader

CURNBLOG appears in ‘The Guardian’

Hi all, I thought I’d drop CURNBLOG readers a quick note on some exciting news. Earlier this week, I wrote a piece for The Guardian as part of their Clip Joint article series, which also featured a short blurb promoting the work we’re doing here at CURNBLOG. The piece was on Conflicted Bad Guys in…

By James Curnow
Twelve Monkeys - time travel

Time travel and film: Examining a science fiction sub-genre

Despite the popularity of time travel as a narrative device, it’s amazing just how few truly great films there are in this science fiction sub-genre. The concept of time travel has played a pivotal role in science fiction since the late nineteenth century, when it was most frequently used as a mode for exploring either…

By James Curnow