Message Movies: Liking Films Despite Their Perspectives

You’ve got to admit that CURNBLOG’s readers have a deep memory. Witness a comment posted by “Carlos” in response to my recent article on the movie The Promise (2016) and a statement I made in it that said this: I don’t usually urge cinephiles to run after movies with messages for altruistic purposes, as I,…

By Simon Hardy Butler

Breaking the Fourth Wall: From Alfie to The Wolf of Wall Street

Ah, the fourth wall: that invisible barrier between the audience and the stage that allows us to suspend disbelief. Breaking the fourth wall – addressing the audience directly – is probably as old as theatre. After all, doesn’t Puck turn to the audience at the end of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to assure us everything…

By Niall McArdle

Casino Royale(s): The Forgotten Bonds

Thought Sean Connery was the first James Bond? In honour of the recent release of Skyfall, here are a couple of Bond films that you may not know about. Casino Royal (1954) The first screen adaptation of a James Bond novel goes all the way back to 1954, when CBS decided to create a television…

By James Curnow