Autumn seasons

The best and worst movies featuring seasons in their title

The theory was sound. And then I came to February. I once had a dream. A trilogy of blogs. The first would feature movies with numbers in their titles. The second – a movie for each day of the week. And finally, one with each month of the year in its name. I wrote the…

By Jonathan Eig
Repulsion on screen breakdowns

7 Films About Neuroses & Psychoses That Don’t Get Enough Attention

“We all go a little mad sometimes.” It was chilling when Norman Bates said it in Psycho (1960), and it grew more chilling over time, as we came to understand the true scope of “a little mad.” Norman, or course, was crazy eight ways to Sunday and his line stands as one of the great…

By Jonathan Eig
Odd Man out

Hope and Glory: ‘Odd Man Out’ and the Need for Cinematic Recognition

Why isn’t Carol Reed’s heavy-hitting 1947 drama Odd Man Out better known? I wondered this recently after revisiting the film on television—following a period of not having seen it for quite a while. My taste for it has never waned, but I had forgotten some of the nuances that are present in this very complex,…

By Simon Hardy Butler

Leaving Home: Ten films about migration

I was recently asked to put together a post on films that deal with the experience of migration by a friend who is about to take the big plunge. Of course, this is a huge topic. People migrate for all sorts of reasons, and so the experience is hardly a unified one. The act of…

By James Curnow