Stephen King IT

Movie review: What ‘It’ gets right and wrong

Stephen King’s It was first and foremost a coming of age story that utilised its horror elements as a metaphor for the traumas of childhood and adolescence, and it is in reflecting this human element that Andy Muschietti’s new film adaptation truly excels. Unfortunately, he isn’t as successful in taking the novel’s antagonist and turning him/it…

By James Curnow
Horror Frankenstein

120 Years of Horror

What was the first horror film ever made? Many people might guess Lugosi’s Dracula or Nosferatu, maybe even Frankenstein; and those are good guesses for the average Joe. If you were one of those thinking of Nosferatu, you’d still be about 27 years off. Many film buffs, film scholars and fans agree that the first horror motion picture is…

By Margeaux Hendricks
Brian Yuzna's Society

Brian Yuzna’s Society: Satirical Body Horror at its Best

Embracing the issue of class-consciousness with aplomb, and thankfully devoid of contemporary horror’s current preoccupation with CGI, Society (1989) is not only a divine slice of body horror, but also a fascinating polemic on the social mores of Reaganite America. Billy (Billy Warlock) is a basketball jock, festooned with an obligatory mullet, who despite enjoying…

By Dawn Daniels

Scary Movies: 11 Classic Films to Watch on Halloween

With Halloween on the horizon, I thought it might be a good time to revisit a number of classic flicks that would be appropriate to view on the holiday. All of these movies rely on atmosphere to underscore their frissons, providing sufficient creepiness for the occasion. Some of them are more well known than others,…

By Simon Hardy Butler

Great Horrors: Ten horror classics you might have missed

The horror genre promises more than any other in respect to emotive impact, and for this reason it is probably the genre in which failure is most common (along with comedy, perhaps). Horror films are very rarely actually scary, and worse than this, they are usually appallingly made. In fact, horror is one of the…

By James Curnow