The Story of the Kelly gang - greatest Australian films of all time

The 100 Greatest Australian Films: Cinema Down Under

Why write a list of the 100 greatest Australian films? While recently browsing through a book on the history of Australian cinema, it occurred to me that most Australian film buffs and cinephiles actually have a very limited concept of the nation’s cinematic output. Except for those films that first garner significant positive attention internationally,…

By James Curnow
Rose Hobart East of Borneo found footage

A History of the Found Footage Film: The Good, the Bad, and the Box Art

It has been fifteen years since The Blair Witch Project, and the found footage genre has settled into a bit of a rut. It is a very restrictive form, best suited to horror and suspense, and most filmmakers discover eventually that it would be nice to break away from the central conceit that everything the…

By Jonathan Eig