No Country For Old Men

The Coen Brothers’ Films Sorted From Worst to Best: Part Two

If you read the first part of this countdown, you know which eight movies are remaining. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Coen Brothers’ career is that those eight movies represent Film Noir, Absurdist Comedy, Western, Gangster, Musical, as well as three movies that defy any easy description. They are spread throughout the brothers’…

By Jonathan Eig
Blood Simple

The Coen Brothers’ Films Sorted From Worst to Best: Part One

They came out of St. Louis Park, Minnesota in the heart of the baby boom, endowed with a deep love of classic Hollywood film noir, a passion for image and idea, and the quirky sense of humour that seems the purview of the northern end of the mighty Mississip. Initially, the older brother directed, the…

By Jonathan Eig
Blade Runner

From Tragicomedy to Cyber-Punk: 6 Movie Mash-Ups

In the beginning there was tragedy and there was comedy. If the mask was smiling, you were in for a riotous night of theatre. If it wore a frown, well, then the gods were angry and you could be sure the poor humans in the play would suffer. For thousands of years, there was tragedy…

By Jonathan Eig
Inherent Vice

The Inherent Vice of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice

Doc Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice) occupies the ground halfway between the calm competence of Easy Rawlins (Denzel Washington in Devil in a Blue Dress, 1995) and the affable idiocy of the Dude (Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski, 1998). Of course, as L.A.P.I.s go (that’s Los Angeles private detective, for the acronymicly-challenged), you…

By Jonathan Eig
Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity and The Politics of Gender

In 1943, the story of Double Indemnity had earned the label of “unfilmmable” in Hollywood due to its controversial and ‘immoral’ subject matter (Biltereyst 148). But despite objections and impositions from the Production Code Administration, through compromise and strategy, Billy Wilder managed to create and release the film in 1944. Somehow, what remains is still…

By Shyla Fairfax
femme fatale detour

Great Femme Fatales: 6 Underappreciated Film Noir Villains

We’ve been dealing with weighty issues of late and so I think it’s time for another list. After all, lists make the blogosphere fun. I know when I think of fun, the first thing that comes to mind is the femme fatale. It being NBA finals time here in the USA, this one will employ…

By Jonathan Eig