Puppet Inception

Puppet The Critic Show – Inception 1:Minute Review

CURNBLOG is proud to welcome the latest member of our team, Puppet! Puppet has been a filmmaker for the last thirteen years, and has a passion for approaching online film criticism from a filmmaker’s perspective. More than this, his reviews are informed by a deep knowledge of film theory. In fact, he’s quite possibly the…

By Puppet
Batman v superman

Have film critics ever had an impact on the box office?

You gotta love Variety. The journalistic bellwether of all things entertainment has studied the massive box office opening for Batman v Superman and considered the Blart-like reviews it has received (currently a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes). Their conclusion? Critics don’t really matter when it comes to a movie’s financial success. Methinks they are late to…

By Jonathan Eig