Mad Dog Morgan

Jake Wilson on Mad Dog Morgan: Histories, Myths, Legends and Motivations

It was in 1976 that Philippe Mora released his underappreciated classic, Mad Dog Morgan, starring Dennis Hopper as the once notorious bushranger Daniel Morgan. In many ways, Jake Wilson’s excellent new monograph of the same name, the latest entry into the Australian Screen Classics series from Currency Press, positions Mad Dog Morgan as a fusion of…

By James Curnow
Mad Max - greatest Australian movies

The 100 Greatest Australian Films of All Time: Part 2 (1971-1982)

Well here it is, Part 2 of our five part series on the 100 greatest Australian films of all time. While Part 1 focused on the earliest beginnings of the nation’s cinema through to the end of the 1960s, here we’ll be exploring the birth of the Australian New Wave in the 1970s. This was…

By James Curnow
Rocky 3

Movies that motivate: The greatest sporting films of all time

Tears, cheers and jeers – the cinematic path of a sports movie can be full of wild variables and vastly different emotions. While some are good and a few are great, most, sadly, are well, just plain…crap! There’s a litany of failed products – mostly American baseball, football or basketball-based to be honest – and…

By Redmond Herring

Ozploitation: Twelve Australian exploitation classics

Some might argue that it is paradoxical – perhaps even hypocritical – to follow a post lamenting the generally poor quality of horror cinema with one celebrating the schlocky oeuvre of Australia’s exploitation cinema during the 70s and 80s. I would suggest that an observation of this kind may well be absolutely correct, but such…

By James Curnow