The Best of the Rest: The Forgotten Writers, Directors & Performers of 2016

The unloved. The strays. The mutts. There’s value here, but you have to look a little harder. As we all remember John Winger saying, no one is “more faithful, more loyal, more loveable than the mutt.” All right, that’s a very strange (and perhaps a little insulting) way into my annual nominations for the writers,…

By Jonathan Eig
Keith Gordon Christine

Interviewing Keith Gordon: From De Palma to ‘Dexter’

Keith Gordon may not drive a Plymouth Fury like his character does in Christine (1983), but he finds other ways to get noticed – right now by directing hit shows for television. In truth, though, he has already made an indelible mark on cinema with sensitively crafted independent films such as A Midnight Clear (1992)…

By Simon Hardy Butler