Stephen King IT

Movie review: What ‘It’ gets right and wrong

Stephen King’s It was first and foremost a coming of age story that utilised its horror elements as a metaphor for the traumas of childhood and adolescence, and it is in reflecting this human element that Andy Muschietti’s new film adaptation truly excels. Unfortunately, he isn’t as successful in taking the novel’s antagonist and turning him/it…

By James Curnow

Patrick Remade: Return of the Catatonic

Having just recently posted about my love for Ozploitation cinema, I was more than a little enthusiastic to score tickets to the world premiere of Patrick, a remake of the Australian cult classic of the same name. Even more exciting was the fact that the film was to be directed by none other than Mark…

By James Curnow

Carrie (2013): New Trailer

A Carrie remake – so why care? Mainly because this one is being helmed by Kimberly Peirce, the director of Boys Don’t Cry. So what does this mean? We can expect a more interesting approach to the representation of women in this version. Probably one that doesn’t rest entirely on a concept of female hysteria.…

By James Curnow