Dangal: The perfect Bollywood film for the uninitiated

There is a general resistance to Bollywood cinema in Western countries. This isn’t so much because of any strong objection to them, as it is because their structure is so fundamentally different from the output of Hollywood. They are frequently quite long, invest heavily in a sense of the melodramatic, and perhaps most significantly, the…

By James Curnow
The Judge

Showing Good Judgment: The Judge, The Mute and Awaara

Want to hear a really bad idea? Take an example of something from two different cultures and then develop broad conclusions about those two cultures based on the examples. This, in terms of logic, leads to an inductive fallacy, sometimes referred to as the fallacy of the lonely fact. Trust me on this. I am…

By Jonathan Eig
The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox: Moments that Shine

When the lights came on and the credits began to roll, my confused fellow filmgoers remained in their seats, blinking at the screen as if to ask “Wait, that’s ALL?” One by one, they shuffled from the theatre like dazed sleepwalkers, rudely jostled from their dreams of a perfect, Hollywood ending. Warning: spoilers for The…

By Dawn Oshiro

Mainstream Masala: 5 Off-Beat Bollywood Movies to Get You Started

Movies are an integral part of India. There are a range of filmmaking centres across the country, the most famous being Bollywood, which is focused primarily on the production of Hindi movies. But there are other regional “woods”, like Tollywood (Bengali), Kollywood (Tamil) and Mollywood (Malayalam) amongst others, all of which produce movies in their…

By Hrishikesh Bawa
Nargis, Raj Kapoor, and Dilip Kumar, in scene from Andaz - 1946

Dilip Kumar: The Chekhovian amateur who redefined acting

Anton Chekhov revolutionised modern playwriting and short stories. And he is one my favorite writers. Thus, I remember being confused when I first read that Hemingway had said the following about him: “Chekhov wrote about 6 good stories. But he was an amateur writer”. I have never quite been able to understand why Hemingway called…

By Rameez Rahman