The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is a true gift for fans of The Room

I’ve rarely seen an audience respond to a film as raucously as I did at a recent preview screening of James Franco’s new film, The Disaster Artist. And it’s hard to blame them. This comedic account of the making of The Room by Tommy Wiseau, the most celebrated bad film to grace the silver screen…

By James Curnow

The Worst 5 ‘Name’ Directors Working in Hollywood Today

How do you define “bad” when it comes to movies? Tastes are so subjective. Some people dig Now, Voyager (1942). I loathe it. Some folks believe Woody Allen is a great filmmaker. Not me. So then why in the name of all that is celluloid would you trust the personal opinions behind what is purportedly…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Swamp Thing

5 Classic Monster Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good

Monster movies haven’t always had a good run. For much of Hollywood’s history, we’ve been presented with bad stories, poor funding and somewhat terrible special effects. Rarely do films in this genre get the same kind of love you find in superhero films or war movies. But sometimes they get something right. Every now and…

By Isa

The Cruelest Month: Why Most Films Released in January are Terrible

January’s the cruelest month, breeding Redundancy in each frame, mixing A-Listers and High Concepts, stirring Dull plots with big names. No offence to T.S. Eliot, the greatest of all American poets. His correspondence with Groucho Marx alone can make you feel better about the wit and wisdom that mankind is capable of.  But when it…

By Jonathan Eig

The ‘Ishtar’ Effect: Changing Perceptions and the Allure of Objectivity

I didn’t think Ishtar (1987) was all that bad. I know, I know. It was one of the big box-office bombs of the 1980s, raked over the coals for its bloated budget and not-as-funny-as-it-should’ve-been script, among other issues. Yet I have to wonder if it really lives up (or down) to its reputation, given the…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Jupiter Ascending

Stinging in the New: 10 Lousy Movies Not to Watch in 2015

Come 2015, humanity will be deluged with a slew of new movies, both studio and independent. There are some I’m looking forward to. And then there are others that I wouldn’t see if even I were threatened with being thrown into a vat of rancid, boiling butter by the vindictive ghost of Attila the Hun.…

By Simon Hardy Butler