Another Country

Another Country: David Gulpilil Explains Indigenous Culture

The Molly Reynolds’ directed film, Another Country, is a difficult work to define. Guided by the cool, calm, and soothing narration of indigenous actor, David Gulpilil, we are sent on an almost structure-free wander through Gulpilil’s home town, Ramingining. I say almost, because both he and Reynolds have a very clear purpose in mind – to…

By James Curnow
Dark City greatest australian films

The 100 Greatest Australian Films of All Time: Part 4 (1996-2004)

In Part 4 of our five part series on the 100 greatest Australian films of all time, we take a look at the best films released between 1996 and 2004. As a nation, this was a period of significant cultural shift for Australia. Globalisation and an increasingly diverse population were moving Australia further away from…

By James Curnow
Mad Max - greatest Australian movies

The 100 Greatest Australian Films of All Time: Part 2 (1971-1982)

Well here it is, Part 2 of our five part series on the 100 greatest Australian films of all time. While Part 1 focused on the earliest beginnings of the nation’s cinema through to the end of the 1960s, here we’ll be exploring the birth of the Australian New Wave in the 1970s. This was…

By James Curnow
The Story of the Kelly gang - greatest Australian films of all time

The 100 Greatest Australian Films: Cinema Down Under

Why write a list of the 100 greatest Australian films? While recently browsing through a book on the history of Australian cinema, it occurred to me that most Australian film buffs and cinephiles actually have a very limited concept of the nation’s cinematic output. Except for those films that first garner significant positive attention internationally,…

By James Curnow

Revisiting Razorback: Pretty Images, Psychotic Yobbos and a Giant Pig

At some point long ago, film studios became acutely aware that taking an unremarkable animal or insect, then radically increasing its size, was a sure-fire recipe for commercial success.  I suppose it makes sense to suggest that this trend began with the release of that most iconic of monster movies, King Kong, in 1933. Others…

By James Curnow
Kasimir Burgess’ Fell

Kasimir Burgess’ Fell: Great Distances and Close Scrutiny

“I don’t know shit about you.” Uttered almost 80 minutes into the 93 minute-long debut feature from Kasimir Burgess, this line perfectly captures the remoteness and intense insular focus of recent Australian film Fell (Felix Media, 2014). Fell follows the story of two men whose lives irreversibly intersect over the tragic hit-and-run death of a…

By Kirsten Stevens
Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot remade: Ozploitation Ozploited

Cinematic history is rife with examples of films that have (generally accidentally) achieved just the right combination of train-wreck and entertainment to become cult classics. One such example is Turkey Shoot (1982)… at least that’s what it was called if you saw the film in Australia. Viewers in the US would have been treated to…

By James Curnow