The Godfather flaws

Picture Imperfect: Flaws and Films from a Personal Perspective

When I was in college, I learned to like a painter I’d never much cared for previously: Paul Cézanne. I used to think—in my own deluded, chalk-it-up-to-youth way—his works trivial; those still lifes with mushy-looking fruit didn’t strike me as anything unusual, and I quite disliked his palette … it seemed limited, joyless, plain, without…

By Simon Hardy Butler
national gallery art of looking

Cinema and the Art of Looking

This last New Year’s Eve I stood on a cliff above a beach in North Cornwall, England. The wind was up and wild, and it was cold, but I hardly noticed. I was transfixed by a pair of lesser black-backed gulls that were darting along the shoulders of a huge rolling wave, surf spraying above…

By Ed Rowe

12 Memorable Cinematic Moments From 2015

Once, after banging our heads against a wall for the better part of three hours, a fellow writer snapped closed her laptop and said “This isn’t working. Let’s think of it this way. Movies are all about moments. What are the five moments we want everyone to remember after seeing our movie?” So we spent…

By Jonathan Eig
Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton: NWA, the Marx Brothers, and Artistic Expression

This is a story about anarchy. About how artists deal with a crazy, messed-up world. And as such, it a story about the value of art. The power of art. The danger of art. Three young men were searching for a place in a harsh terrain. They were outsiders, hailing from a segment of society…

By Jonathan Eig
Everlasting moments - cameras

The Camera on Film: Seven Films about Photographers

Perhaps because I have long had an interest in photography, and collecting cameras, films about this subject have always attracted my attention. There have been many films about early cinema pioneers, and the ubiquitous ‘film within a film’ theme offers many examples. However, this article is about still photographers, and how they have been represented…

By Pete Johnson
Norte, the End of History

Crime and Punishment in Lav Diaz’s ‘Norte, The End Of History’

Michel Lipkes’ 2011 movie Malaventura runs 66 minutes and can feel like an eternity. Lav Diaz’s Norte, the End of History, runs 250 minutes, and it too, can feel like an eternity. But you know that old saying, not all eternities are created equal. Lipkes’ movie comes out of the “slow cinema” tradition, and its…

By Jonathan Eig

Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash: The Darkness of Artistic Ambition

2014 still has a couple more months to go and some big, well-regarded movies are soon to be released. They will have to go a long way to surpass Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash, which is head and shoulders above anything that has been widely released thus far. Of all its outstanding qualities, this is what makes…

By Jonathan Eig