Going in Style

Zach Braff’s lazy remake of ‘Going in Style’

This will be the second consecutive piece I have written for Curnblog which begins by referencing an earlier piece I have written for Curnblog. That may well indicate that I have written too many things for Curnblog, or perhaps that I have just run out of ideas. But if I have run out of ideas,…

By Jonathan Eig

Rambo Revisited: From First to Final Blood

As the media erupts with slightly affectionate derision at the thought of another Rambo film, now seems like the perfect time to engage in a defense (sort of) of Sylvester Stallone’s flagship movie series, the Rambo tetralogy (soon to become a pentalogy). And why not defend the adventures of John Rambo? No, he may not…

By James Curnow
comics marvel dc amazing spider man

Marvel and DC: Comics as Cinematic R&D

There’s no avoiding comic book movies. Though they are most obvious in the big screen superhero blockbusters, comic adaptations now cross all genres. There are historical epics like 300 (2007), horror films like 30 Days of Night (2007), crime dramas like Sin City (2005) and Road to Perdition (2002), even quirky comedies like Scott Pilgrim…

By Andrew Knighton
action movie

The action movie dilemma: My last stand against 300

Every great film is an action movie. That goes for Ivan the Terrible, Parts I and II (1944 and 1958), The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) and My Dinner With Andre (1981). It doesn’t go for 300 (2006), its sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) or any other picture of their ilk –…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Ghostbusters 80s

Only in the 80s: Five great genre comedies to come out of the decade of fun

The line between comedy and drama was very fine in 1980s cinema. Iconic 1980s chick-flick comedies like Desperately Seeking Susan and Pretty in Pink are perfect examples – both their stories take quite serious turns and we often forget that we’re even watching a comedy. On the other end of the scale, films like The…

By Christian Kloukinas
Rocky 3

Movies that motivate: The greatest sporting films of all time

Tears, cheers and jeers – the cinematic path of a sports movie can be full of wild variables and vastly different emotions. While some are good and a few are great, most, sadly, are well, just plain…crap! There’s a litany of failed products – mostly American baseball, football or basketball-based to be honest – and…

By Redmond Herring

Ozploitation: A love letter in images

Why use words, when images can do all the talking. A brief love letter to Ozploitation – the low-budget Australian exploitation films made after the country’s introduction of an R rating in 1971. James CurnowJames Curnow is an obsessive cinephile and the owner and head editor of CURNBLOG. His work as a film journalist has…

By James Curnow