The Color of Blood: Why Gore’s Hue Might Affect Cinematic Believability

Does the color of blood in a violent scene affect a movie’s credibility? I’ve been asking this question for a while after mulling a variety of great films that feature unrealistic-looking hemo-splatter yet remain some of the most believable pictures of all time. The Godfather (1972) has a scene in which the crime-family head Vito…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Kill bill movie quotes

You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet: 20 Obscure Movie Lines We Just Can’t Shake

From the moment Al Jolson ad libbed “Wait a minute folks, you ain’t heard nothing yet!” in The Jazz Singer, movies have been filled with great dialogue. There have been speeches like Orson Welles’ “Cuckoo Clock” lecture in The Third Man and Robert Shaw’s USS Indianapolis story in Jaws. Ingrid Thulin’s lament on life and…

By Jonathan Eig
Damien Chazelle's Whiplash

Forget the Oscars: Here are 2014’s Best Films and Performances

Show of hands, how many of you have seen Cavalo Dinheiiro? Maybe you know it is as Horse Money. The Portuguese documentary from director Pedro Costa tied for third in the 2014 Sight & Sound critics poll, making it the highest-ranking documentary on this respected list. Didn’t catch it? How about Jean-Luc Godard’s Goodbye to…

By Jonathan Eig
Darth Vader

CURNBLOG appears in ‘The Guardian’

Hi all, I thought I’d drop CURNBLOG readers a quick note on some exciting news. Earlier this week, I wrote a piece for The Guardian as part of their Clip Joint article series, which also featured a short blurb promoting the work we’re doing here at CURNBLOG. The piece was on Conflicted Bad Guys in…

By James Curnow

New CURNBLOG Facebook page!

Hi All, This is just a quick note to let you know that CURNBLOG has just launched a Facebook page: If you’re on Facebook I’d love it if you could drop by and Like the new page – and maybe make a comment or two as well. It would be great to see this…

By James Curnow

Leaving Home: Ten films about migration

I was recently asked to put together a post on films that deal with the experience of migration by a friend who is about to take the big plunge. Of course, this is a huge topic. People migrate for all sorts of reasons, and so the experience is hardly a unified one. The act of…

By James Curnow

Online Content: You are not real

Please allow me a moment of cathartic indulgence. I’m not a technophobe. I am an early adopter. I use twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare and a range of other junky applications. I can no longer conceive of how I lived prior to the purchase of my first iPhone. The only thing that I absolutely cannot…

By James Curnow