Death in Venice - Visconti

Luchino Visconti: The German Trilogy

Movies have been called the art form of the twentieth century so often that it has become tiresome to refute the claim. Especially since this most degenerate of hybrids meshes the worst of all worlds into predictable pastiches of sentimental melodrama geared toward the mummification of the world’s weakest minds. Despite the occasional outburst of…

By Bill White
Darth Vader

CURNBLOG appears in ‘The Guardian’

Hi all, I thought I’d drop CURNBLOG readers a quick note on some exciting news. Earlier this week, I wrote a piece for The Guardian as part of their Clip Joint article series, which also featured a short blurb promoting the work we’re doing here at CURNBLOG. The piece was on Conflicted Bad Guys in…

By James Curnow

Want to write for CURNBLOG?

In 2012, I started this blog with the primary goal of finding a voice with which to express my passion for the world of cinema. But over time, CURNBLOG has developed into something much larger. Thanks to our team of more than 30 contributors, 6000 readers are now subscribed to CURNBLOG and almost 35,000 more are following across Twitter,…

By James Curnow

Movies and meaning: Understanding cinema as cultural artefact

It’s not uncommon for people to question why one might want to interpret a cinematic text – regardless of whether or not such an action was in search of a film’s implicit meanings, ideology or incidental revelations about the culture in which it was produced. These people commonly argue either that such an activity is…

By James Curnow