Monkey Business - Marx Bros Comedy

From Feathers to Fields: Our 10 Favourite Comedies, 1930-1945

It is a mystery that plagues pop psychologists and culturists alike. What happened to the American sense of humour? American film comedy, which dominated the world in the silent era with towering figures like Chaplin, Keaton, and Lloyd, took a few years to figure out the new synch sound medium in the late ’20s, and…

By Jonathan Eig and Simon Butler
Spirited Away animated

Cartoon Swoon: Our 10 Favourite Animated Feature Films

Animation. It’s not just for kids, but it never really was, was it? Adult humour and situations have been prevalent in the genre since day one, yet for some reason, it’s still associated with children and the whims of fantasy. Perhaps that’s because it has been the domain of fantasists for so long – through…

By Jonathan Eig and Simon Butler

Masterpieces of Suspense: The Top 10 Hitchcock Films

Alfred Hitchcock. The greatest director of all time? Maybe not. The most iconic? Who are you ranking ahead of him? His combination of artistic output and oversized public persona, burnished by famous cameo appearances in movies and cemented by his constant presence on TV in the new medium’s formative days, makes him arguably the most…

By Jonathan Eig and Simon Butler