film writing

A Tip for Film Writers: Always Be Writing

Many times I hear writers say they are stuck or are in a writer’s slump because no ideas are coming, or because they don’t know what to write. They want an original idea for a film that nobody has ever seen before. They want the next great original idea that rocks the film world. Some…

By John Montana
Short films

4 Tips on Making A Short Film

Making a short film, or any film for that matter, can be a lot of fun. But most of the time, filmmaking is very stressful and filled with problems. I recently made directed a new short called HUNGRY…a wicked, humorous, little piece about the greed that is rampant at Christmas. I was able to shoot…

By John Montana
Hungry - actors

A New Director’s Guide: 3 Easy Steps To Directing Actors

In My Humble Opinion, there is no relationship more important when making a film than the relationship you have with your actors. Many directors are somewhat uncomfortable with actors. To me, this is a shame. Because most actors are like puppies… all we want is to be loved and accepted and be told we are…

By John Montana