Remote Control

Switching on to Reality: Byamba Sakhya’s ‘Remote Control’

A teenager runs away from the drunkenness and poverty of his rural home and moves into the city. It’s not an uncommon story, sadly, but in the hands of Mongolian director Byamba Sakhya, Remote Control becomes both a survival story and an exploration of the line between fantasy and reality. Tsog bivouacs himself on the…

By Ed Rowe
Birdman buddhism

Rethinking Birdman: Buddha comes to Broadway

The first frame in Birdman has Michael Keaton levitating in mid-air, in a meditational posture. At other times the camera lingers on a golden head of the Buddha. What is going on? Is Birdman, as some have claimed, a Buddhist film? There is other evidence for this. In the midst of his panic and egoistic…

By Ed Rowe
Dave Godin

My Film Hero: Dave Godin (1936-2004)

Not all film heroes are tough guys. My film hero is a small, bearded man with a twisted back and a chain-smoking habit. Dave Godin gave me my one and only “break in film”, as the barman at a small independent cinema, the Anvil, in Sheffield. This was back in the 1980s when things like…

By Ed Rowe