The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox: Moments that Shine

When the lights came on and the credits began to roll, my confused fellow filmgoers remained in their seats, blinking at the screen as if to ask “Wait, that’s ALL?” One by one, they shuffled from the theatre like dazed sleepwalkers, rudely jostled from their dreams of a perfect, Hollywood ending. Warning: spoilers for The…

By Dawn Oshiro
remake Don Giovanni

Opera vs. Cinema: It’s not a Remake, it’s Reimagined

It was Milos Forman’s Amadeus (1984) that introduced me to classical music. The film is like an appetiser, offering its audience a small taste of Mozart’s operas – a sliver of music and costumed spectacle that leaves you hungry for more. The last third of Foreman’s film is deeply intertwined with the opera “Don Giovanni”…

By Dawn Oshiro
War Horse National Theatre Live Spielberg

War of the War Horses: Spielberg vs National Theatre Live

Steven Spielberg adaptations tend to take on a life and message all their own. They stray from their sources in surprising (and often effective) ways. For example, if you watched the original Jurassic Park (1993), you would find Hammond transformed from the villain of Michael Crichton’s novel into a sympathetic grandfather. His original fate (an…

By Dawn Oshiro
Coriolanus Shakespeare

Understanding Coriolanus: The upside of obsession

When I decided to attend my local screening of the National Theatre Live production of Coriolanus (2014) I was expecting to see rows of empty seats. The audience for Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth (2013) had been no more than a dozen people, and it is a far more appreciated play.  This time, the theatre was packed.…

By Dawn Oshiro
Henry V - Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s history plays: Precursor to the film franchise?

Ahh, the film franchise.  A popular film with interesting characters and a decent premise soon spawns a sequel, then becomes a trilogy, and so on, until it becomes unprofitable, unpopular, or both.  If the franchise is based on a book series, every effort will be made to keep the money factory running as long as…

By Dawn Oshiro