Witchfinder General

Witchfinder General: How Vincent Price Resurrected a Monster

In 1967, Vincent Price traveled to Britain to make the low-budget horror film, Witchfinder General. Price wasn’t the first choice for the role, and this was a fact which 24-year-old director Michael Reeves mercilessly used to his advantage. Set in 1645, during a period of extreme turbulence and lawlessness exacerbated by the English Civil War,…

By Dawn Daniels
Brian Yuzna's Society

Brian Yuzna’s Society: Satirical Body Horror at its Best

Embracing the issue of class-consciousness with aplomb, and thankfully devoid of contemporary horror’s current preoccupation with CGI, Society (1989) is not only a divine slice of body horror, but also a fascinating polemic on the social mores of Reaganite America. Billy (Billy Warlock) is a basketball jock, festooned with an obligatory mullet, who despite enjoying…

By Dawn Daniels