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Only in the 80s: Five upbeat 80s films you may not have seen

Whether you think back on 80s cinema favourably or not, it can’t be denied that one of the distinct characteristics of films from this decade is “fun”. Even the more challenging or serious 80s films, like Blue Velvet (1986) or The Shining (1980), had more colour or were, somehow, easier to watch. The stories were zanier, genres were broader, but…

By Christian Kloukinas
ET (1982)

Only in the 80s: Five great family films that adults can actually watch

In the 90s, film genres seemed to begin fragmenting into niche areas. Independent filmmaking came into commercial prominence with directors like Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers turning pulp stories into pop-art. In the blockbuster world, dramas became more challenging, comedies became sillier and the gap between adult’s and kid’s cinema seemed to expand radically.…

By Christian Kloukinas
Ghostbusters 80s

Only in the 80s: Five great genre comedies to come out of the decade of fun

The line between comedy and drama was very fine in 1980s cinema. Iconic 1980s chick-flick comedies like Desperately Seeking Susan and Pretty in Pink are perfect examples – both their stories take quite serious turns and we often forget that we’re even watching a comedy. On the other end of the scale, films like The…

By Christian Kloukinas
A Muppet Christmas Carol

On the third day of Christmas: Five festive films to watch on Christmas Day

For me, Christmas Day is an excuse to spend time with the extended family and have the freedom to indulge in never-ending supplies of food and alcohol. I’m sure that this is the case for many people, regardless of religious orientation. But for many there comes a point on this festive and gluttonous occasion when,…

By Christian Kloukinas