superheroes The Avengers

The Fallibility of Superheroes: Fighting the Gorgon

The Avengers Cinematic Universe presents an uncompromisingly problematic worldview. On the one hand, Marvel and Disney have established an unprecedented level of intrigue in their Grand Cinematic Experiment, forcing blockbusters to strive for a higher level, higher budget, higher income, and higher expectations from producers, filmmakers and filmgoers alike. The consolidation of characters and crossover…

By Anthony Pilloud
lilo and stitch disney

Revisiting Lilo & Stitch: Disney and progressive cinema

Disney’s 2013 feature Frozen has done a magnificent job of stirring the pot. The film has been lauded as a one of the most progressive of the pantheon to date, which has in turn sparked a series of discussions concerning the progressiveness of Disney films as a whole. It is no secret that these childhood…

By Anthony Pilloud
American Mary

A Horror Renaissance: 2013’s greatest nightmares

While much of the world buzzes on about the Oscars, gore-hounds like myself must deal with the despairing knowledge that our genre of preference will continue to go neglected. A true shame, too, for 2013 was a stalwart year for horror, both in the independent circuit and for the oft-neglected studio pictures. With The Conjuring’s…

By Anthony Pilloud
The Nightmare before Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas: Five Creepy Christmas Movies

Here in the United States, the final three months of the year are always filled with holiday cheer, and each festive event comes with its own set of movie-viewing opportunities. The season begins with Halloween, a holiday that affords everybody the opportunity to re-watch their favourite horror classics. Then we meander our way over to…

By Anthony Pilloud