Charlie Kaufman and the Art of Adaptation

Adapting a novel into a film is a sensitive and hazardous process, especially if the novel has already garnered a following of avid readers. When adapting an already existing work the screenwriter may have the leisure of not having to come up with everything from scratch, but they must endure the added stress of wanting…

By Annelie Widholm
Antichrist Willem Dafoe Charlotte Gainsbourg

Lars von Trier’s Antichrist: Grief, Pain, Despair

Lars von Trier is, beyond a doubt, one of the boldest directors of our time; he never balks at digging a hole in the soil of human emotion with the sole intention of getting well and dirty. Von Trier’s Melancholia (2011) is a meditation on self-destruction, on one’s inner life being untameable, overbearing and suffocating. Antichrist (2009) is…

By Annelie Widholm

The Good, The Bad, The Screenwriter

To write a screenplay means dedicating yourself to hard, arduous and often frustrating work, as well as hour upon hour of pen-gnawing, wall-staring and creeping self-doubt. And when the first version is finally ready, you, as the writer, know that the editing process will inevitably take at least as many hours of dedication. Your screenplay…

By Annelie Widholm
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: The Responsibilities of Female Representation

Last week I read a fiery debate on the Swedish website Moviezine regarding how women are represented in the TV-series, Game of Thrones. The debate was mainly between two members of the website and touched on topics of gender equality, something which also served to lay bare how the concept is often perceived. It was…

By Annelie Widholm