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Spider-Man: HomecomingI’m back everybody – your favourite sock puppet has returned from a brief hiatus. And I’m hear to talk all about the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming in my latest video.

Homecoming satisfied audiences around the world by introducing a friendly, neighbourhood super-villain; one that not only cathartically related to the working man, but also placed Spidey in a variety of moral and ethical dilemmas when faced with The Vulture’s true identity. Who would have thought that Spider-Man: Homecoming and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 had so much in common?!

In this video, I make the point that “Homecoming does everything Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 tried to do.” Fans of the series might find this claim odd given that the latter has Spidey donning a black suit and inching towards the dark side, whilst the former has him donning the red suit for much less malign reasons. But the theme of desiring something material to overcome great odds is the real similarity here.

Overlap aside, I enjoyed Homecoming as much as the next person, and hope to see more Marvel villains that resonate with audiences in some way, rather than just being bad out of necessity. I’m looking at you Guardians of the Galaxy, with your Power Ranger-esque baddy; glad to see that you Darth Vadered your second film’s antagonist.


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