Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal

Loving Jake Gyllenhaal: From City Slickers to Nightcrawler

I’ll admit it. I was not always the biggest Jake Gyllenhaal fan. But, as Richard Cohen quoted Nora Ephron at the latter’s funeral, “This is going to be like the movies. We start as enemies and end as friends.” Who better to apply a “like the movies” quote to? The son of a director/screenwriter marriage,…

By Jonathan Eig
Midnight Special

Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special: The Mysterious and Ineffable

How many movies does it take to establish a pattern? Jeff Nichols, who I have previously placed on my Mt. Rushmore of directors currently in their 30s, has just released his fourth feature film. The first and third – Shotgun Stories and Mud – are realistically grounded and physically violent stories of men searching their…

By Jonathan Eig
The Clan

Reviewing The Clan: Two Sunny Afternoons, One Chaotic Mess

I’m sure if I thought about it for a little while I could come up with plenty of examples of movies which used a non-original pop song, in its entirety, as a piece of its soundtrack. It’s not terribly common because most directors would rather edit to their own rhythms and not that of an…

By Jonathan Eig