The Godfather flaws

Picture Imperfect: Flaws and Films from a Personal Perspective

When I was in college, I learned to like a painter I’d never much cared for previously: Paul Cézanne. I used to think—in my own deluded, chalk-it-up-to-youth way—his works trivial; those still lifes with mushy-looking fruit didn’t strike me as anything unusual, and I quite disliked his palette … it seemed limited, joyless, plain, without…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Short films

4 Tips on Making A Short Film

Making a short film, or any film for that matter, can be a lot of fun. But most of the time, filmmaking is very stressful and filled with problems. I recently made directed a new short called HUNGRY…a wicked, humorous, little piece about the greed that is rampant at Christmas. I was able to shoot…

By John Montana
Alan Rickman Die Hard

A good man playing bad: Alan Rickman (1946 – 2016)

Alan Rickman, who has died aged 69, was an actors’ actor. The rich voice, sardonic gaze and languid manner of Harry Potter’s Severus Snape made him seem the epitome of the English stage-trained ‘luvvie’. But his backstory was more complex. Rickman started on the stage aged 26 after running a graphic design company. He was a…

By Ed Rowe
Hungry - actors

A New Director’s Guide: 3 Easy Steps To Directing Actors

In My Humble Opinion, there is no relationship more important when making a film than the relationship you have with your actors. Many directors are somewhat uncomfortable with actors. To me, this is a shame. Because most actors are like puppies… all we want is to be loved and accepted and be told we are…

By John Montana
national gallery art of looking

Cinema and the Art of Looking

This last New Year’s Eve I stood on a cliff above a beach in North Cornwall, England. The wind was up and wild, and it was cold, but I hardly noticed. I was transfixed by a pair of lesser black-backed gulls that were darting along the shoulders of a huge rolling wave, surf spraying above…

By Ed Rowe

David Bowie: Remembering The Man Who Fell to Earth

With the passing of the artistic behemoth that was David Bowie, I thought I’d take a moment to remember some of his finest work as an actor. Bowie did not perform in a huge number of films, but when he did he usually made it count. His slight frame, compelling face, effeminate nature, and tremendous…

By James Curnow