Reconciling with Cinema: Never Enough Time for Catching Up

Sometime in the late 1990s, cinema and I came to terms with the inevitable. We’d been drifting apart for some time and now it seemed that the distance between us had become too great. It should have been a painful wrench. I’d grown up with movies; they’d been a still point in a peripatetic childhood.…

By Ed Rowe

Understanding the Gap Between ‘Freeheld’ and ’99 Homes’

I recently went on line to buy some socks and bought a big screen TV instead. No value judgement here. They are both fine products which I needed. (Yes, I needed the big screen TV.) I only mention it to point out how we sometimes begin a day with one destination in mind and end…

By Jonathan Eig
The Terminator

The Terminator: The Problematic Naming of Dr. Silberman

The Terminator (1984) is anti-Semitic. That’s the thought that goes through my mind every time I sit down to watch this marvellous James Cameron science-fiction film, which features some of star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best work as a merciless cyborg out to prevent a rebellious future by dispatching its source preemptively. It’s an idea that bothers…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Fellini's Satyricon

Off the Halloween Path: 13 Non-Traditional Movies to Watch on All Hallows’ Eve

Come October 31, I’ll be watching a film that’s not in the horror genre. That’s right—despite the long-standing tradition of viewing scary movies on Halloween, I’ll be devoting myself to another pastime: seeing a flick that incites emotions other than fear. Granted, it’ll be hard to find one of those on the telly come month’s…

By Simon Hardy Butler
No Country For Old Men

The Coen Brothers’ Films Sorted From Worst to Best: Part Two

If you read the first part of this countdown, you know which eight movies are remaining. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Coen Brothers’ career is that those eight movies represent Film Noir, Absurdist Comedy, Western, Gangster, Musical, as well as three movies that defy any easy description. They are spread throughout the brothers’…

By Jonathan Eig
Blood Simple

The Coen Brothers’ Films Sorted From Worst to Best: Part One

They came out of St. Louis Park, Minnesota in the heart of the baby boom, endowed with a deep love of classic Hollywood film noir, a passion for image and idea, and the quirky sense of humour that seems the purview of the northern end of the mighty Mississip. Initially, the older brother directed, the…

By Jonathan Eig