Everlasting moments - cameras

The Camera on Film: Seven Films about Photographers

Perhaps because I have long had an interest in photography, and collecting cameras, films about this subject have always attracted my attention. There have been many films about early cinema pioneers, and the ubiquitous ‘film within a film’ theme offers many examples. However, this article is about still photographers, and how they have been represented…

By Pete Johnson
Amy Winehouse

Asif Kapadia’s Amy: Amy Winehouse and the Public Eye

Legend has it that when American blues artist Nehemah James (more commonly known as “Skip”) suspected a listener of studying the way he was performing a song, he would change up the way he played it on purpose. He needn’t have bothered. Even if some rival musician could figure out Skip’s intricate finger picking, there…

By Jonathan Eig
Maggie Schwarzenegger

Reviewing Maggie: Schwarzenegger acts, Maggie Muses, Zombies Zombify

Somehow or other I managed to remain entirely ignorant about the existence of Maggie until I was confronted with it in my local DVD store. The worn and tired face of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Blu-Ray cover of a zombie film I’d never heard of was more than a little surprising. How had this happened?…

By James Curnow
Casino Las Vegas

Three Great Movies Set in Las Vegas

When it comes to movie locales, Las Vegas isn’t a bad bet. From its gangster roots to its embrace of vice and shotgun weddings, Sin City has become one of Hollywood’s favorite datelines. Let’s take a look at some of the best movies filmed in the world’s most popular entertainment hub. Ocean’s 11, 1960 The…

By Popcorn Monster
Lillian Randolph

America’s Long Road: Remembering Amanda and Lillian Randolph

We’ve come a long way. We have a long way yet to go. I recently revisited an important American movie from 1950. The movie is called No Way Out – a tense crime story revolving around race riots in an unnamed city. Joseph Mankiewicz directed and top-billed actors included Richard Widmark and Stephen McNally. But…

By Jonathan Eig
Django Spaghetti Westerns

Ten Great Spaghetti Westerns NOT directed by Sergio Leone

For most people, the term Spaghetti Western applies almost solely to the films of Sergio Leone, particularly those starring Clint Eastwood. But the reality is that close to 600 Westerns were produced in Europe between 1960 and 1980, and during it’s peak, Italy was churning out more than 40 Spaghetti Westerns a year. Of course,…

By James Curnow
Childs Play

The Evolution of the Slasher Film

In my 120 Years of Horror post, a clear path was mapped from the advent of film making to the current milieu dominating the horror genre; the slasher was a late bloomer within this genre. By the 1950s film making was fast moving away from the familiar tropes and formulae of literary horror adaptations. Audiences…

By Margeaux Hendricks