Charlie Kaufman and the Art of Adaptation

Adapting a novel into a film is a sensitive and hazardous process, especially if the novel has already garnered a following of avid readers. When adapting an already existing work the screenwriter may have the leisure of not having to come up with everything from scratch, but they must endure the added stress of wanting…

By Annelie Widholm

Subjectivity and Objectivity in Film: Kagemusha, Booze and the Boundaries of Cinema

There’s a great scene in the Kurosawa movie Kagemusha (1980) where two of the three unifiers of Japan, Oda Nobunaga and Ieyasu Tokugawa, meet to discuss business. Nobunaga, who has been Westernised all the way down to his armour, offers Tokugawa a glass of European wine. His comrade takes it and has a sip ……

By Simon Hardy Butler
They Came Together

‘They Came Together’ and the Death of the Indie

There was a time when teenage boys wore jackets and ties to go to birthday parties. There was a time when what we now call a Happy Meal cost under a dollar. And there was a time when the term “Indie Film” meant something. Of course, all those things are ancient history by now. You’ll…

By Jonathan Eig
female villain American Mary

Horror Cinema and the Female Villain: The Perpetuation of Female Victimisation

Monsters have long dominated the realms of the gothic and horrific, both in literature and the cinema. What’s more, these monsters are often male, seeking out women to overtake or destroy. Subsequently, the most common image of women in horror has been a pose of utter victimisation – the scream. In a seminal article entitled…

By Shyla Fairfax

Rambo Revisited: From First to Final Blood

As the media erupts with slightly affectionate derision at the thought of another Rambo film, now seems like the perfect time to engage in a defense (sort of) of Sylvester Stallone’s flagship movie series, the Rambo tetralogy (soon to become a pentalogy). And why not defend the adventures of John Rambo? No, he may not…

By James Curnow
Auteur theory Upstream color

Debating the Auteur Theory: An Argument Against

The second of a two-part debate between CURNBLOG’s Simon Butler and Jonathan Eig on the legitimacy of the Auteur Theory. See Part One here.  Let’s go to the source. Andrew Sarris, writing in the Introduction to his seminal book The American Cinema: “Not all directors are auteurs. Indeed, most directors are anonymous. There is much…

By Jonathan Eig
Auteur Theory Kenji Mizoguchi

Debating the Auteur Theory: An Argument For

The first of a two-part debate between CURNBLOG’s Simon Butler and Jonathan Eig on the legitimacy of the Auteur Theory. See Part Two here. My esteemed colleague Jonathan Eig and I have a little debate going on: Is the auteur theory, which finds that the director is the creative visionary behind the film, truth or hogwash?…

By Simon Hardy Butler