Suspiria Dario argento profondo rosso deep red

Seeing with the ear: Meditations on the use of sound in the films of Dario Argento

It may seem odd to make an argument about the supremacy of sound in the films of Dario Argento, which bear such a recognisable visual flair. While it’s impossible to discount Argento’s expressive imagery, his creative use of sound is an often overlooked element of his style. This isn’t too surprising, since I believe sound…

By Kathleen Blair
Naked Lunch - beats, beat generation

Moving with the Beats: Words on the big screen

How do you portray on film a movement as influential, radical and ground breaking as that of the Beat Generation? It seems hard to fathom now, but what the Beats did for the literary world was akin to what the Beatles did for music. The Beats were a crazed frenzy of creativity that came kicking…

By John de Gruyther
Beverly Ross Ferris Butler

Interviewing Beverly Ross and Ferris Butler: Skits, films and rock ’n’ roll

To me, they’ve always been Uncle Ferris and Aunt Beverly, yet Ferris Butler and Beverly Ross have much more to them than merely a personal relationship. Ferris, a former film-school student of Martin Scorsese’s at New York University who went on to create the cult cable show Waste Meat News before writing for Saturday Night…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Inside LLewyn Davis

Reviewing “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Enter The Gaslight Poetry Café 1961, smoky and atmospheric lighting highlights a dim stage and a singer under spotlight.  The surrounding audience is still except for some bar staff in the background and a few draughts of smoke barely taken in.  The onstage performer is giving it his all, completely heartfelt and eerily resonate.  The…

By Laura Shearer
Bringing-Out-the-Dead paramedic

Blood and Bandages: Paramedics on film

For most of my life, I have only ever seen ambulance crews and paramedics portrayed in two ways on film. They were either the much respected platoon medic, featured in so many war films, particularly American ones, or the laughable buffoons of English comedies, in particular, the ‘Carry On’ series. In the latter, ambulancemen were…

By Pete Johnson
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and the movies: Watching ‘The King’ at work

I never gave Elvis Presley much thought until the Christmas of 1961, when my older sister broke down in tears after opening the Blue Hawaii soundtrack album. I got a pair of bongos that same morning, and played along on them to the record. I had seen Elvis the previous year in the western Flaming…

By Bill White

Remembering Robocop: The smouldering dystopian wreck of 80s avarice

There has never been, so far as I can recall, a period in my life during which I have not been obsessed by the cinematic form in some way or other. And while my tastes have continued to evolve or change over time, there have been a handful of films that have travelled with me…

By James Curnow