Julianne Moore in still Alice

Interviewing Denis Lenoir, Director of Photography for ‘Still Alice’

Directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, Still Alice is a heartbreaking and honest portrait of a woman struggling to maintain her identity as she copes with a rare disease. A huge part of the film’s resonance comes from the work of Denis Lenoir, the Director of Photography, who has been gracious enough to grant…

By Christopher Maynard
Two Days One Night

Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne’s ‘Two Days One Night’

The insanely versatile Marion Cotillard gives a near career best performance as Sandra in Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne’s Two Days One Night. This is a perfect example of minimalist storytelling allowing for performance and emotion to take centre stage. Sandra (Cotillard) has come out of the hospital to some very unwelcome news; during her…

By Christopher Maynard
Norte, the End of History

Crime and Punishment in Lav Diaz’s ‘Norte, The End Of History’

Michel Lipkes’ 2011 movie Malaventura runs 66 minutes and can feel like an eternity. Lav Diaz’s Norte, the End of History, runs 250 minutes, and it too, can feel like an eternity. But you know that old saying, not all eternities are created equal. Lipkes’ movie comes out of the “slow cinema” tradition, and its…

By Jonathan Eig
The Lives of Others

Oscars, Schmoscars: Why I’m Boycotting This Show on TV in 2015

I refuse to watch the Academy Awards next year. That’s right. I’m unofficially boycotting it. When it comes on TV, I’m gonna change the channel. Maybe watch Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994). Or a cooking show. Just not the annual debacle that is the Oscars. Why am I so adamant? Well, I’ll tell ya.…

By Simon Hardy Butler
Time Bandits

Little People with Large Talent: Cinema’s Under-Appreciated Performers

Little people, sometimes known as dwarfs and once derogatively referred to as ‘midgets’, did not always get a fair deal from the cinema industry. Generally portrayed as figures of fun, or cast as clowns, and sometimes relegated to sitting inside small machines to play robots, or strange alien creatures, their lot was not a happy…

By Pete Johnson
The Jolson Story

A Lesson in Film Structure: The Jolson Story & Humoresque

This is a story about film structure. At various times, I have tried to lecture on the subject of structure in screenwriting, and I usually am forced to admit that we teach structure, in part, because it is something that can be taught. There’s some sort of indefinable spark of creation in any work of…

By Jonathan Eig
On My Way

Twilight Cinema: Three Recent Films About Ageing

Twenty-five years ago, Christopher Guest made a lovely little movie called The Big Picture. It is a mostly gentle satire about Hollywood, which features Kevin Bacon as a young film school graduate who has come out west to make his fortune. The movie he wants to make – the one that the whole industry is…

By Jonathan Eig