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barton_fink-typewrite3In 2012, I started this blog with the primary goal of finding a voice with which to express my passion for the world of cinema. But over time, CURNBLOG has developed into something much larger. Thanks to our team of more than 30 contributors, 6000 readers are now subscribed to CURNBLOG and almost 35,000 more are following across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Over 10,000 readers visit us each month to engage with what has become the locus for a huge amount of passionate conversation on all things cinema – and will continue to be well into the future.

We need Cinephiles!

We need you to help us take CURNBLOG to the next level! We’re looking for eager cinephiles, movie buffs and any other aficionados of the moving image who wish to express their passion via the written form. If you’re interested in writing for CURNBLOG (whether it be once or on an ongoing basis), and have an idea, synopsis or even a complete piece of writing that you’d like to submit, simply fill out the below form, or email us directly on admin@CURNBLOG.com and we’ll be in touch at the earliest possible convenience.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

James Curnow

James Curnow is an obsessive cinephile and the owner and head editor of CURNBLOG. His work as a film journalist has been published in a range of print and digital publications, including The Guardian, Broadsheet and Screening the Past. James is currently working through a PhD in Film Studies, focused primarily on issues of historical representation in Contemporary Hollywood cinema.

20 thoughts on “Want to write for CURNBLOG?

  1. Thanks for checking out and supporting what I wrote last night on shame, it means a lot! And thanks for revealing this amazing blog you have! hopefully in the future i’ll be filling in this form but until then the scope of this blog looks inspirational 🙂 TAG

  2. Thank you again James,
    For all the likes and the following of my novel. After looking over your blog site, I surprised that you do follow me as your media is film, but thank you again all the same. I too, have an interest in movies and watch something new in town at least once a week. Today, I hope to make a start on something new and a bit more creative… Mick Dawson

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  4. I wish I was more of cinephile or movie buff, I would love to help expand your blog with articles on foreign films, as I tend to watch a fair share of them. Unfortunately, I am only a viewer with my own personal taste and not an actual ‘buff’. If you do find a foreign film author, though, I’d be more than happy to make film suggestions! 😀

  5. I was never in any doubt that your excellent blog would reach a huge audience James. Well done with getting the large following and readership, and I hope that you go from strength to strength.
    Regards from England, Pete.

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