Dracula (1958)

Dracula lives: On the joy of location screenings

The team at Belfast Film Festival have devised a programme of site specific location screenings called ‘The Haunted Screen’ as part of the UK wide BFI Gothic film celebrations. Over the course of November and December a series of unique film screenings are being held at carefully selected locations all over Northern Ireland. The films…

By Laura Shearer
Ghostbusters 80s

Only in the 80s: Five great genre comedies to come out of the decade of fun

The line between comedy and drama was very fine in 1980s cinema. Iconic 1980s chick-flick comedies like Desperately Seeking Susan and Pretty in Pink are perfect examples – both their stories take quite serious turns and we often forget that we’re even watching a comedy. On the other end of the scale, films like The…

By Christian Kloukinas
Don Jon

Don Jon: A perverted examination of gender roles

Sex sells…or so advertising companies would have us believe. Don Jon sets out with what seem to be grand initial ideas of exploring the relationships between male and female ideals on sexual identity. The bigger questions of gender differences and how gender ideals correlate with opinions on standards for sexual behaviour and fantasies are also…

By Laura Shearer
Dallas Buyer's Club

Dallas Buyers Club: McConaughey steps up

I was fully prepared to dislike this movie. I’ll willingly admit to being a snob on the subject of cinema, and the same goes for actors as well. I watched Failure to Launch (painfully), couldn’t finish How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, felt nauseated when I saw clips of The Wedding Planner at the doctor’s office, and completely avoided Ghosts…

By Alina Dunbar
Rocky 3

Movies that motivate: The greatest sporting films of all time

Tears, cheers and jeers – the cinematic path of a sports movie can be full of wild variables and vastly different emotions. While some are good and a few are great, most, sadly, are well, just plain…crap! There’s a litany of failed products – mostly American baseball, football or basketball-based to be honest – and…

By Redmond Herring