New CURNBLOG Facebook page!

Hi All,

This is just a quick note to let you know that CURNBLOG has just launched a Facebook page:

If you’re on Facebook I’d love it if you could drop by and Like the new page – and maybe make a comment or two as well. It would be great to see this become a forum for fun conversation about films.

Cheers from a humble blogger,


James Curnow is an obsessive cinephile and the owner and head editor of CURNBLOG. His work as a film journalist has been published in a range of print and digital publications, including The Guardian, Broadsheet and Screening the Past. James is currently working through a PhD in Film Studies, focused primarily on issues of historical representation in Contemporary Hollywood cinema.

6 thoughts on “New CURNBLOG Facebook page!

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  2. Sorry – but I don’t trust Facebook, they sell every bit of info you put on line (how do you think they make their money) and have too many security breaches.

  3. Hi James. Good luck with the Facebook page. Personally, I detest the whole concept of Facebook, but I know that you will make lots of contacts there, so more power to you. I will keep in touch via the good old blog method. Regards from England, Pete.

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