Adeline: A short film about demons

I recently came across this very effective short film from director, Joseph Arnone, and thought I’d share it with you. Adeline is a wonderfully concise portrayal of a poet’s emotional turmoil as she deals with her inner-demons.

Effectively mixing elements of surrealism, melodrama and horror with an almost Victorian sense of emotional isolation, Arnone manages to capture the internal turmoil of his subject with incredible efficiency.

Hats off to Daniella Alma for a pitch-perfect performance (her poetry was also the basis for the film), who I believe has collaborated on several projects with Mr Arnone. Recognition must also go to Max Blitzer and Christopher Arnone for a score that is inseparably interwoven into the content of the film. I hate to bring up the most overused word in film criticism, but the cinematography is gorgeous too.

Adeline, a Riva Nova Films production, is an official selection of the 9th Annual Big Apple Festival in New York City, screening at the Tribeca cinemas in late 2012.

Please check it out below – Joseph Arnone is somebody to look out for in the future.

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