Red Dawn: Original and Remake trailers

Once in awhile, the boys and girls in Hollywood will elect to remake a trainwreck of a movie, because of the potential of its premise. The benefit is that there is nobody to offend with a subpar version of the original. This is the case with Red Dawn.

The remake

The original

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6 thoughts on “Red Dawn: Original and Remake trailers

  1. Such a shame that Ben Johnson isn’t around to be in the new one. They just don’t make em like that any more…uh, that’s in reference to character actors and not film. 🙂

  2. WOLVERINES!!! Bwah ha ha…bwa hahaha…ha. Though watching the original trailer was way worth it to see Jennifer Grey with a machine gun. Sadly, the remake will probably do well because it’s surely a heady mix of paranoiac fantasies plus the dude from The Hunger Games.

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