Haiku Ode to Action Cinema: Poetry on Screen

Haiku gives respect

Action films elevated

Ten classic movies



Resurrected man

Visions of a life now gone

The name is Murphy


Tech-noir nightmare art

Hell arrives from the future

Harlan Ellison


Invisible beast

Screaming souls in the jungle

Ugly mother-fu…

Out for Justice

Seagal talks Brooklish

Anybody seen Richie?

Excess violence


Xenomorph plague

Can’t trust the company

Game over, man! Game over!


Can be only one

Decapitation ensues

Who wrote this bullshit?

Road House

Double-Deuce Saloon

Best bouncer in the business

Giggle at the corpse

Conan the Barbarian (1982!!!)

Nietzsche quote to start

Fire and wind come from the sky

The riddle of steel

Die Hard

Big Corporation

Yippie-ki-yay, mother-fu…


Point Break

Can’t trust the surfies,

Dead presidents stealing big

Extreme sports with guns

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