Iris Apfel

Iris: The Late Albert Maysles Examines Style Icon, Iris Apfel

Finding non-standardised beauty within the fashion industry seems an impossible task to set, but in the quirky style of Iris Apfel, the late Albert Maysles found his answer. Iris is well known as a ‘rare bird’ of fashion, she’s a style icon for accessory fans and couture lovers. You might have previously seen her in…

By Laura Shearer
The Gift

SPOILER ALERT: Interpreting Joel Edgerton’s ‘The Gift’

Whenever a first-time writer director creates a finely-crafted and satisfying psychological thriller, as Joel Edgerton has done with The Gift, there is cause to celebrate. Edgerton’s movie, however, has an ending that is either troubling or brilliant – or perhaps both; an ending that makes us reconsider the very nature of how we view and…

By Jonathan Eig
Ginger Dead Man

B-horror and the Rise of the Scream Queen

  The b-movie or b-picture was a product of the Golden Age of Hollywood (arguably the 1930s-1950s, more or less) and really took off with the introduction of the “double feature” at cinemas. The b-picture was the more cheaply produced, not always feature length, curtain-raiser at double feature events. Several genres were represented in the…

By Margeaux Hendricks
Amy Winehouse

The Emotional Hangover of Asif Kapadia’s “Amy”

There are times when a film will come along that is constructed and executed in such a way that it lingers in the audience’s minds. It leaves an ‘emotional hangover’ that viewers have to deal with well after the final curtain. The latest documentary film release, Amy, is set to be one of those films.…

By Stuart Greenfield
The Salt of the Earth

Wim Wenders’ The Salt of the Earth: Sebastiao Salgado, Photographer

The global success of Sebastiao Salgado’s photography has been somehow condensed into one feature-length documentary, not that the film dilutes the power of his images in any way. Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, or just someone who appreciates photography, you’ll be amazed at the beauty and honesty of Salgado’s work. His story, as…

By Laura Shearer
Tiny Furniture

For Young and Old: The Greatest Living Directors Sorted by Age

I recently wrote a piece choosing the four most significant directors from each of eleven countries. I referred to the lists as Mount Rushmores. (You can read it here, if so interested). The response I got, with dozens of fans telling me just how wrong I was, has inspired me to do it again. This…

By Jonathan Eig
Everlasting moments - cameras

The Camera on Film: Seven Films about Photographers

Perhaps because I have long had an interest in photography, and collecting cameras, films about this subject have always attracted my attention. There have been many films about early cinema pioneers, and the ubiquitous ‘film within a film’ theme offers many examples. However, this article is about still photographers, and how they have been represented…

By Pete Johnson