Midnight Special

Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special: The Mysterious and Ineffable

How many movies does it take to establish a pattern? Jeff Nichols, who I have previously placed on my Mt. Rushmore of directors currently in their 30s, has just released his fourth feature film. The first and third – Shotgun Stories and Mud – are realistically grounded and physically violent stories of men searching their…

By Jonathan Eig
The Clan

Reviewing The Clan: Two Sunny Afternoons, One Chaotic Mess

I’m sure if I thought about it for a little while I could come up with plenty of examples of movies which used a non-original pop song, in its entirety, as a piece of its soundtrack. It’s not terribly common because most directors would rather edit to their own rhythms and not that of an…

By Jonathan Eig
Batman v superman

Have film critics ever had an impact on the box office?

You gotta love Variety. The journalistic bellwether of all things entertainment has studied the massive box office opening for Batman v Superman and considered the Blart-like reviews it has received (currently a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes). Their conclusion? Critics don’t really matter when it comes to a movie’s financial success. Methinks they are late to…

By Jonathan Eig
Michael Caine - The Ipcress File

Michael Caine: An appreciation

Ask anyone to name some great British actors, and they might say Lawrence Olivier, Alec Guinness, John Mills, Richard Attenborough, or Anthony Hopkins. Pose the same question to younger respondents, and they could well come up with Jude Law, Clive Owen, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Eddie Redmayne. It is unlikely that any of them would think…

By Pete Johnson
a_perfect_day copy

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot vs. A Perfect Day

Do they still do “compare and contrast” assignments in school? Back in about 6th grade, I remember we would have to read two poems, or two essays, or watch two commercials and then write up a couple paragraphs on how they were alike and how they were different. These days, when the “theory” of writing…

By Jonathan Eig
Philippe Mora Snide and Prejudice

Philippe Mora: Five films about the fabric of truth

It’s possible that there are not a huge number of people amongst the general public who will immediately recognise the name of film director Philippe Mora. And those who do recognise the name might be inclined to associate it with his stint making satirical genre films like The Beast Within (1982), Howling II: Your Sister…

By James Curnow
beasts of no nation academy awards

Which 2016 films would have won Academy Awards in 1929?

I tried. They’ll never know how hard I tried. I tried my very best not to write anything remotely related to this year’s Oscars. For god’s sake, I’m sixty pages into a new screenplay. I have minor dental surgery coming up. We have fruit flies. It’s not like I don’t have other things to do.…

By Jonathan Eig