The Judge

Showing Good Judgment: The Judge, The Mute and Awaara

Want to hear a really bad idea? Take an example of something from two different cultures and then develop broad conclusions about those two cultures based on the examples. This, in terms of logic, leads to an inductive fallacy, sometimes referred to as the fallacy of the lonely fact. Trust me on this. I am…

By Jonathan Eig
Spirited Away animated

Cartoon Swoon: Our 10 Favourite Animated Feature Films

Animation. It’s not just for kids, but it never really was, was it? Adult humour and situations have been prevalent in the genre since day one, yet for some reason, it’s still associated with children and the whims of fantasy. Perhaps that’s because it has been the domain of fantasists for so long – through…

By Jonathan Eig and Simon Butler
fat city boxing movies

Four Great Boxing Movies You Haven’t Seen

Sports movies present a challenge. Especially American sports movies. For even though we Yanks talk a lot about democracy and the people, we really, at heart, reserve our highest accolades for exhibitions of individualism. Our art reflects that. The Western is our greatest film creation and no other genre elevates the value of the individual…

By Jonathan Eig
Mayim Bialik stars

The World’s Most Educated Movie Stars

It’s a complete myth that some of the world’s biggest celebrities aren’t blessed with intelligence. Many believe that the stars we see on the big screens or in magazines are only famous for being incredibly beautiful or for dating another famous person or just because they were pretty good in one particular film or television…

By Chris White
Brian Yuzna's Society

Brian Yuzna’s Society: Satirical Body Horror at its Best

Embracing the issue of class-consciousness with aplomb, and thankfully devoid of contemporary horror’s current preoccupation with CGI, Society (1989) is not only a divine slice of body horror, but also a fascinating polemic on the social mores of Reaganite America. Billy (Billy Warlock) is a basketball jock, festooned with an obligatory mullet, who despite enjoying…

By Dawn Daniels

Scary Movies: 11 Classic Films to Watch on Halloween

With Halloween on the horizon, I thought it might be a good time to revisit a number of classic flicks that would be appropriate to view on the holiday. All of these movies rely on atmosphere to underscore their frissons, providing sufficient creepiness for the occasion. Some of them are more well known than others,…

By Simon Butler