Under the Skin

10 Great Films Made on a Small Budget in 2014

Warning: What follows has something to do with math. But don’t worry. It’s not very complicated. I can’t read a balance sheet. The only thing I know about sines is that I am a Capricorn. Cosines? My parents cosigned my first car loan. Anything with the word “multivariable” scares me more than Russell Crowe singing.…

By Jonathan Eig

One Movie Fan’s Most Anticipated Films for 2015

As hard as it is to believe, the year in 2014 movies is over, and another year of cinema is about to begin. Anticipating movies is half the fun, and 2015 has often been described as one of the biggest years for film in quite some time. I mean, think about it. Jedis, dinosaurs, Pixar,…

By Cory Woodroof
The Interview

Separating the Movies from the Mayhem of 2014

Most movies live lives of quiet desperation. A few win awards, a few make boatloads of money, and a few go down in history as really and truly mattering. But for most, they ply their meager craft for a brief period, hoping to earn a laugh or a cry or a few dollars, and then…

By Jonathan Eig
Jupiter Ascending

Stinging in the New: 10 Lousy Movies Not to Watch in 2015

Come 2015, humanity will be deluged with a slew of new movies, both studio and independent. There are some I’m looking forward to. And then there are others that I wouldn’t see if even I were threatened with being thrown into a vat of rancid, boiling butter by the vindictive ghost of Attila the Hun.…

By Simon Butler
Red Army

Red Army: Film Review

We’ve all heard of Herb Brooks and the 1980 “miracle” at the Lake Placid Olympic games but if you are like me you probably never considered the other side of the story, the Soviet side. Red Army is on a macro-level a story about the Soviet Union but specifically its the story of the “most…

By Christopher Maynard
Julianne Moore in still Alice

Interviewing Denis Lenoir, Director of Photography for ‘Still Alice’

Directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, Still Alice is a heartbreaking and honest portrait of a woman struggling to maintain her identity as she copes with a rare disease. A huge part of the film’s resonance comes from the work of Denis Lenoir, the Director of Photography, who has been gracious enough to grant…

By Christopher Maynard
Two Days One Night

Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne’s ‘Two Days One Night’

The insanely versatile Marion Cotillard gives a near career best performance as Sandra in Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne’s Two Days One Night. This is a perfect example of minimalist storytelling allowing for performance and emotion to take centre stage. Sandra (Cotillard) has come out of the hospital to some very unwelcome news; during her…

By Christopher Maynard