body modification Eyes Without A Face

Flesh and Blood: Body Modification and the Movies

I suppose it all began, it cinematic circles at least, with the Germans. The Student of Prague (1913), The Golem (1920). Morbid tales of the undead. The soulless. They begat Frankenstein in 1931 (though I suppose Mary Shelley actually begat it) and the rush was on. Altered versions of the human form would become a…

By Jonathan Eig
superheroes The Avengers

The Fallibility of Superheroes: Fighting the Gorgon

The Avengers Cinematic Universe presents an uncompromisingly problematic worldview. On the one hand, Marvel and Disney have established an unprecedented level of intrigue in their Grand Cinematic Experiment, forcing blockbusters to strive for a higher level, higher budget, higher income, and higher expectations from producers, filmmakers and filmgoers alike. The consolidation of characters and crossover…

By Anthony Pilloud

Masterpieces of Suspense: The Top 10 Hitchcock Films

Alfred Hitchcock. The greatest director of all time? Maybe not. The most iconic? Who are you ranking ahead of him? His combination of artistic output and oversized public persona, burnished by famous cameo appearances in movies and cemented by his constant presence on TV in the new medium’s formative days, makes him arguably the most…

By Jonathan Eig and Simon Butler
Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot remade: Ozploitation Ozploited

Cinematic history is rife with examples of films that have (generally accidentally) achieved just the right combination of train-wreck and entertainment to become cult classics. One such example is Turkey Shoot (1982)… at least that’s what it was called if you saw the film in Australia. Viewers in the US would have been treated to…

By James Curnow

La Comédie Française: 7 French Comedies That Deserve to Be Better Known

The French like their comedies, and their tastes don’t just extend to Molière – as evidenced by a long line I once saw in Paris outside a movie theatre advertising a Marx Brothers picture. Yet many Gallic laugh-fests are rarely seen outside the continent, owing in part to the use of subtitles, as well as…

By Simon Butler
Jimi: all is by my side

Jimi: All is by My Side

On paper it sounds like a great idea – a Jimi Hendrix biopic starring Andre Benjamin, one of the members of hip-hop group, OutKast. And having avoided any of the talk around the film, it was one I’d been looking forward to for some time. Unfortunately, Benjamin’s generally convincing performance isn’t enough to save Jimi: All…

By James Curnow
Night on Earth

The Chapter Film: In Honour of the Portmanteau

Mise en scene. Montage. Auteur. The French really like writing and theorising about movies, and thus have bequeathed many terms unto the film lexicon. And I am just pretentious enough to toss them around without regard for whosoever may be rolling their eyes. But there’s one French term to which I have never taken. Portmanteau.…

By Jonathan Eig